Do you want to jump higher to dunk for free?

Do you want a free vertical jump training program that works but doesn’t cost you all of your time? Do you want the free vertical jump training program to be simple to understand and simple to perform? On this site I share the simple and free jump program that worked for me and enabled me to dunk. It trains both strength and explosion. 4 jump training exercises, 30 minutes, 3 times a week. Click here to see it.

No access to a gym? You should use my gym-free explosive jump training program. It can be done all from home and enabled me to achieve my first dunk! Click here to see it.

My Journey

The process took about six months but a lot of it was learning the techniques that worked best for me. I have distilled my training regimen to a free program that is only 4 exercises and takes 30 minutes, 3 times a week.

Jumping involves two main factors: explosiveness and strength, but there are several other factors involved such as flexibility, strength to bodyweight ratio, understanding your body, and the right mentality to jump high.

At first I used a purely explosive program I came up with. After 6-8 weeks I could dunk with one hand off a run up.

Once I hit a plateau, I switched up my training to use a purely strength based program. 6 weeks later, I could dunk with one hand off two feet with one bounce

When I hit another plateau, I combined my explosive and strength based training into its essential components. Following another 4-6 weeks I could dunk with both hands off two feet with one bounce.

Check out my free combined program here. This is what I use now and it’s the best of both worlds. If you would like to focus on either explosiveness or strength, you can get my eBook, my programs are included in there.

Lessons Learned

Throughout my experiences training to jump higher, I have captured my lessons learned along the way in a series of blog posts on this site. They cover the key aspects of vertical jump training that I used to improve my vertical jump. Here is a list of the lessons:

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