Understand your body

Training to jump higher to dunk is a demanding task on your body. Everyone is different and we all respond in different ways to different events. This means that everyone’s experience throughout their jumping journey will be slightly different. The key to unlock your potential to dunk is to understand your body.

In order to achieve what you want from your training you have to work together with your body to find an acceptable outcome. If you are starting to get knee pains as you’re jumping, your body needs to rest. If your training program says 5 sets of 8 reps but after 1 set your body is too exhausted to physically continue, it is telling you to call it a day, and when it comes to jumping, your body is the boss.

My experience

Throughout my jumping journey, I have had to navigate ankle sprains, the flu, knee soreness, overexertion and many other circumstances but in all of it I always listened to my body in order to preserve it moving forward. Now I can enjoy what I worked to achieve without regret.

Listening to my body is also what helped me come up with the explosion and strength based programs found in my eBook and eventually let me to my free program. I didn’t stick to one thing but by listening to my body, I found out what worked for me. When I was doing only explosive training my body hit a plateau. Rather than continue on with the training I identified what my body was lacking which was strength. After seeing the improvements I was looking for, I hit another plateau. I then came up with my combined program which enabled me to improve further.

Having realistic expectations

It is also important to have realistic expectations on what your body can do for you. The reality is that genetics does play a part in jumping ability. Some people don’t need a single day of jump training and they can dunk naturally by 18 years of age. Others like myself require training. I’m 6’2 so it was in my physical potential to dunk a 10ft ring. By applying these techniques you will be able to learn how to jump higher to dunk. It could be a 10ft ring, 9ft ring, or under, any achievement is a good achievement.


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