The Free Vertical Jump Training Program

  1. Squat: 5 sets 8 Reps
  2. Two-foot Dumbbell Jump: 3 sets 6 Reps (7-8kg)
  3. Depth Jump: 3 sets 6 Reps
  4. One-Foot Dumbbell Jump: 3 Sets 6 Reps per leg (4-5kg)

This is my free vertical jump training program. 4 jump training exercises, 30 minutes, 3 times a week. In conjunction with my separate explosive and strength training programs, I have used this to go from barely touching the rim, to dunking with both hands.

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My reasons for the exercises

There are two key ways to train your jumping ability: explosiveness and strength. Explosiveness is how fast your muscles can contract and fire when jumping. Strength is your bodies raw power. This program combines the best exercises from both categories.

I first used explosive training only to achieve my first one hand dunk with a run up, then strength training to achieve a one hand dunk off two feet with one bounce. These programs are included in my eBook, which you can get here.

The squat is the single best exercise to develop the leg strength required to dunk. Squatting is a compound movement, meaning when you perform a squat, multiple areas of your legs are being worked out.

The two-foot and one-foot dumbbell jump are included as it simulates most accurately the body movements you would be using when going for a dunk. The weight for these exercises should be light and constant. There is no need to increase the load at which you are jumping. As we are trying to simulate dunking, feel free to use a medicine ball instead if you wish.

The depth jump is a well-known exercise that trains explosion. With depth jumps, you don’t always need another box to jump onto, only one to jump off of and then explode up.

The only exercise you want to be increasing in weight lifted is the squat. The goal is to increase strength. It isn’t necessary to do a jumping motion, focus on proper form. For the rest of these exercises you should focus on jumping higher, not jumping with more weight.



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