Strength Jump Training

Strength jump training is a main factor for jumping higher to dunk. If your legs get stronger, more than likely you will jump higher.

How should you effectively train to get stronger?

The key phrase is: progressive overload

What this means is that you should always try to be improving strength wherever possible, whether that be by more weight or more reps. Doing this correctly gives you a tangible confirmation that you are improving in strength since you are moving more weight more frequently.

The key to using this principle is optimising the rate at which you progressively overload. The easiest way to get injured on your road to dunking is to try to improve too quickly. You should always progressively overload at a rate that is gradual and sustainable.

It is more beneficial to be improving in the amount of weight lifted rather than the reps lifted. Performing more reps can be done if lifting more weight isn’t achievable in that training session.

It isn’t necessary to progressively overload every single training session. Since jump training is a long-term plan, aiming to make improvements every week is a good target to have.

Training Tips

I found that training three times a week: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday was a good system. It is counter-productive to try and train every day of the week. Your muscles need time to heal and grow and it is during the off days that you get stronger. You may also find that during your training you do need a week or two of complete rest because your legs are exhausted, and that’s completely ok, listen to your body.

One technique that helped me achieve my goals was focusing on a different range of movement every training session. So on the Monday fresh off the weekend rest, I would aim to squat heavy, say for example at 100kg. Then Wednesday my focus was on getting as low as possible with my squat but with 80kg. On Friday I would squat 90kg and the form would be somewhere in between. Every week I would add 5-10kg to those totals depending on how I was feeling.

Progressive overload done right guarantees that you are getting stronger which is a key component of jumping higher. If you would like to have a program specifically for developing strength, its included in my eBook.


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