Flexibility Jump Training

Flexibility jump training ties together strength and explosion training to increase your jumping ability. Your body needs to transfer all its momentum from your feet upwards. The more flexible you are, the more efficient your body will be at transferring this momentum.

To be flexible you need to stretch regularly. This is the stretching routine that I use that has easy movements, is quick to do but I’m not going to say its painless!

The flexibility jump training routine

Wall Stretch: Calf and Hamstring

Quadriceps stretch

Sitting touch toes stretch

Glutes stretch

Kneeling hip flexor stretch

Pigeon stretch

All stretches are done for 30 seconds each leg. The key for this as with explosiveness and strength is to push yourself to stretch further than before but in a gradual way without getting injured. If you can’t touch your toes don’t jerk forward in a sudden movement to touch your toes briefly. Only ever gradually stretch further from where your maximum point is and hold as long as possible.

The calf, hamstring, quadriceps, and glutes stretch can be swapped out for any other stretch that stretches those parts. They’re mainly in there to hit the entire leg region. The main stretches that assist with jumping to dunk are the hip flexor stretches (Kneeling and Pigeon).

The flexibility of the hip is a region that for many people including myself is overlooked. It is actually the most important aspect in the flexibility chain as it’s the transferring connection between your generated lower momentum and your upwards momentum. Any inflexibility in this area will reduce the amount of upwards momentum you are getting.

This isn’t part of my official routine but whenever I can I do ankle rolls. It helps loosen the ankles and strengthens them to prevent injury.

The frequency of how often you should stretch is whenever possible, while stretching too far too quickly is bad for you there is nothing wrong with stretching within your bodies capabilities frequently.


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