Explosive Jump Training (no gym required)

Explosive jump training is a key factor in jumping higher to dunk. The aim of explosive training is to condition and train your legs so that they are used to the quick-jerk jumping movement to propel you forward.

How should you effectively train to get more explosive?

The key phrase is: maximum effort

This means that on each exercise you should always try to jump as high as you possibly can. Doing so pushes the boundaries of what your leg muscles are used to doing and it also trains your entire body to jump with maximum effort in short bursts, exactly what is required to dunk.

When training for explosion, it is better to have one set that is at maximal effort than three at a relaxed pace. So if any of these recommendations are too hard on your body to give maximum effort, reduce the amount of sets or reps to accommodate for yourself.

Training Tips

Explosive training was the first phase in my jumping development. I thought of every jump as breaking my glass ceiling. The ceiling is not going to break without maximum effort. By training for explosion, I was able to perform my first one hand dunk off a run up.

The good thing about explosive training is that it doesn’t require any gym equipment at all. Explosive training can be done from home. To achieve my first dunk, I didn’t go to the gym. I went to my local park to train on their bench and grass.

If you are only training explosion, you can afford to train more frequently given that you aren’t under load. I trained Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday at my local park. If you would like to have a program specifically for developing explosiveness, or you don’t have access to a gym, it’s included in my eBook.


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