How to Jump Higher Fast: How I increased by vertical jump by 15 inches



Being quite short and never being able to dunk, I’ve been looking everywhere on how to increase my vertical jump.

Recently however, a colleague of mine referred me to some program called VertShock.

Since the price didn’t seem too high, and since it was being endorsed by people like Lebron James, I decided to give it a try and see how it goes.

Well within a week, I managed to increase my vertical jump significantly.

And by significantly, I mean I can now jump 15 inches higher than I previously could before.

Not only that, but I can now dunk!

How to increase vertical jump

As much as I’d love to, I’m not allowed to reveal everything I’ve learned during the program. I highly recommend that you invest in it and see the results for yourself.

However, I will tell you some of the basic things that will hopefully increase your jump height by a few inches.

How to jump higher in basketball

Jumping abilities are extremely necessary while playing basketball, as it’s what your entire performance at the game is dependent on.

Though many find being able to jump higher as a rather difficult and challenging thing, it can actually be way easier if you know the right things to do.

You can look forward to a wide range of methods in order to jump higher for basketball. Though your height is a factor in being able to jump higher, there are also a lot of things you can do to achieve it even if you aren’t tall enough for the game.

The bottom line of jumping higher, is that you need to be well versed with your techniques. After all, it’s never all about one’s height. In order to jump higher regardless of your height, you need to focus on two main things, which are:

  • Having explosive strength in your legs: The activity of your legs is one of the most decisive factors for jumping higher. Hence, you need to consider looking forward to the exercises that make your legs stronger and more flexible, as it’d certainly improve your jumping abilities to a considerable extent.
  • Right movements of other body parts: A lot of people forget the fact that jumping higher requires a proper overall movement of the entire body and not just a single part. When all your body parts start working together and in coordination, you’re sure to be able to jump higher quite effectively and easily.

The arms
Though it may sound a bit surprising, arms too are a very important part of your body that needs to be worked on if you want to be able to jump higher.

They need to react perfectly to the movements of your legs, and this coordination results in a much higher jumping ability.

The importance of using all your body parts
Consider jumping only using your legs, with your hands being down on your side.

Note how high you’re able to jump this way.

Then, jump again, this time using all your body parts and swinging your arms.

You’d notice that you achieve a much higher vertical jump doing the latter, thanks to the overall movement of your entire body.

Also, the difference between the two types of jumps happens to be quite big, so it’s a must that you improve on your overall body movement rather than just your legs.

More muscles equal a higher jumping strength
Another important thing to look forward to, is to train yourself more effectively.

I know this sounds a bit basic, but what I mean here is to follow a specific workout routine, aimed at improving the fast twitch muscle fibers in your body, especially in the legs, which are obviously the more important part for jumping higher.

A unique way of doing it is to go for an anabolic workout. You need to consider keeping the amount of reps you do on the lower side, while keeping the weight high.

Also, ensure that you finish your workout well within an hour, as it is extremely important to make sure that you don’t start losing muscles rather than build them.

The diet!
Your diet, of course, is a very important factor, as your workout needs to be supplement with a proper diet to show desired results.

I’m not going to talk about what you need to eat (you probably know what to avoid) but you need to start avoiding all types of crappy fast food, and instead go for something healthy, which is full of proteins, which is the most needed nutrient for building muscle.

You really want to know how to jump higher for basketball?

Being able to jump higher for basketball doesn’t involve any of the rocket science techniques, but simply more determination and efforts on your side.

But if you’re really serious about increasing your vertical jump, I honestly recommend that you check out the VertShock program. The price is definitely on the low side (from my experience), but the results will blow your mind.

Happy jumping,